Do you feel low Desire in Lockdown?

The lockdown has not ended for many parts of the world, and we are really starting to feel the effects of long-term isolation. We all know that stress impacts sexual desire and on a global scale, we are all feeling stress associated with the global pandemic.

My sex coaching is a vital service during times like these. Pleasure is a human right, my work to help our communities through the impacts of this crisis on their sexual health. 

Many of my clients may be experiencing low desire in lockdown.  They are isolating themselves and being kept from romantic partners. Some people who are quarantined with their long term partner are feeling stress in their relationship. For others, everything has become too much and they are feeling disconnected from their body entirely.

Whatever the case is, as a sex coach, my work involves supporting my clients through their difficult circumstances. I explain and  focus on tools that can be used to support clients who are experiencing low desire in lockdown.

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