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I'm Katrin,

I explain and show how to get the most out of sex.

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Session Packages

Discovery session

100 € / 450 PLN


Only for new clients. This session is to find out if you need a sex coach or how can a sex coach help you.
Sex Coach is guiding on how to make sex exciting and joyful

phone / video / in-person

Individual session

180 € / 800 PLN


It's a regular sex coaching session for singles and couples. It includes both consultation and hands-on experimenting with role playing.

phone / video / in-person

Sexy eventide

360 € / 1600 PLN


Educational workshop for small groups. During the workshop you will get to know the things you never knew about befor, about your body and sex.


Typical Sex Coaching Session

Most of the time people reach out to me when they start to feel any sort of sexual frustration. It occurs  whenever the needs of one side are not fulfilled by the other side or when we don't know how to express them.

During a typical sex coaching session I am going to help you tackle your particular problem and answer your questions. At this point, whenever the theory is not enough, we will experiment with hands-on guidance, role playing and situation playing.

The session can include workshops on tantric lingam or yoni massage.

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Is It For Every One?

Yes, it is for everyone.
No matter what is your age or sex orientation. It's for both relationships and singles.


Sex and Intimacy Coach.

My experience in sex related field has been evolving since 2010. I combine it  with my psychological education to help people gain their sexual confidence, and fulfillment in bed. We achieve that through workshops and simulations, because I believe that experiments make the sensation the most memorable.

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